19th EFDN Conference in Seville

19th EFDN Conference in Seville

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) will host its 19th EFDN Conference from 20-22 March 2023 in Seville, Spain. The topic of this EFDN Conference will be “More than Football”, which will take place at the Benito Villamarín, the stadium of EFDN Member Real Betis Balompié.

This event will be the next European gathering for our Community and Social Responsibility (CSR) network after the successful 18th EFDN Conference that took place in Budapest in November 2022, hosted by EFDN Member Ferencvárosi Torna Club in the venue of their stadium the Groupama Arena.

EFDN Conferences bring a unique opportunity for CSR experts and newcomers into the CSR world to learn from each other and share their insights about topics such as fundraising in CSR, environmental sustainability, anti-discrimination, social inclusion, online safeguarding, physical activity in younger and older population, or STEM education, among others. The format of the conference includes panels, breakout sessions, study visits and roundtables, and offers multiple chances to network and connect with other EFDN members and experts in the CSR in football.

The content of the 19th EFDN Conference will be announced soon. In the meantime, EFDN can already share that there will be two days of events for EFDN Members and non-members who buy their tickets, followed by evening events on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st of March. There will also be a dedicated day for EFDN Leagues and FAs on Monday, March 20.


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Clubs, leagues and FAs and their community organisations from all across Europe.


The fully detailed programme of the 19th EFDN Conference is already published. Hereby, you can have an overview of the 3-day conference program consisting of all the activities that will be included:

Monday 20 March

07.00pm EFDN-Special Olympics Football Match (Training Ground)

08.00pm Welcome dinner

Tuesday 21 March

09:00am Doors open and network sessions

09.30am General Assembly EFDN

10.00am Coffee Break/ Welcome non EFDN members

10.15am End General Assembly

10.30am Opening EFDN Conference

10.45am Presentation Real Betis (Fundación)

11.15am Dr.Niko Roorda

12.00pm MatchWornShirt

12.15pm Roundtable 1

01.00pm Lunch

01.45pm UEFA: Circular Economy

02:15pm Break out session 1

1. KAA Gent: Football network for development

2. Montrose FC

3. Wolverhampton Wonderers


03.00pm Coffee Break

03.15pm Twinning project

03:30pm Football for the Goals (UN)

04.00pm Supporting refugees through Sport (UNHCR)

04.15pm Study visits

1. Amputee Football (EAFF)

2. La Liga Genuine / Special Champions League / Unified Football (Special Olympics)

3. Blind Football

4. Walking Football

6.00pm Closing Day 1

8.00pm EFDN More than Football Dinner

Wednesday 22 March

09:30am Doors open.

10.00am Sustainability panel: Real Betis – Istanbul Başakşehir FK -EFDN

10.30am Interactive workshops

12.00pm Coffee Break

12.30pm Update EFDN

12.45pm Power Up Ukraine

01.00pm Lunch

02.00pm Breakout Sessions 2

1. TBC

2. Erasmus University / Fair Play project

3. SDG Striker

02.45pm Closing remarks EFDN

03:30pm Stadium Tour

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