Past EFDN Conferences in nine European cities

20 January 2018

Past EFDN Conferences in nine European cities

A cornerstone of EFDN activities are the bi-annual conferences that EFDN hosts alongside various network members in locations throughout Europe. The EFDN conferences aim to provide network members, practitioners, project leaders and decision makers from community engaged clubs with the opportunity to gather together and debate, explore and understand new initiatives and best practices.

Community and social responsibility is becoming increasingly important in European Club Football and has evolved into a strategic tool for clubs to demonstrate their accountability and commitment to society, to protect their reputation and to develop brand loyalty and foster competitive advantage.

EFDN conferences feature break-out sessions, panel discussions, practical workshops, monitoring and evaluation initiatives, roundtable discussions and high profile keynote speakers and interviews, all of which are designed to help participants and experts to share perspectives from some of Europe’s leading clubs and organisations developing and implementing football-based community and social responsibility initiatives.

Developing the transformative role of football

At the EFDN conferences, topics for discussions include community involvement, environmental awareness, educational and health initiatives, cultural understanding and integration, tackling racism, promoting equality, stadium accessibility and sustainability, community based fan engagement and many more. EFDN is also committed to the promotion of the UN Development Goals and the contribution that football programmes can make to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The conference themes focus around CSR in European football or #morethanfootball, a campaign showcasing the Capturepositive impact of community programmes of network members and partners.  A variety of Leagues and Football Associations are often in attendance at the EFDN conferences to stimulate an environment for learning and sharing good practices in CSR and sustainability in European Football.

EFDN Conferences in nine European cities

Past EFDN conferences have been two-day events coordinated by EFDN and hosted in cities such as London, Rotterdam, Cyprus, Manchester, Wolfsburg, Eindhoven, Glasgow, Lisbon, Oslo. We look forward to celebrating the milestone of the 10th Anniversary Conference in Paris in March 2018.

EFDN also writes detailed post-conference reports which highlight the content from the various speakers, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and panels at the EFDN conferences. This way, the contents from the conference can be shared and promoted and disseminated throughout the football for development community. A report from the 9th EFDN Conference in Oslo, Norway can be found here.

Furthermore, here is a video from the 9th EFDN Conference in Oslo showcasing the reach of the conference, the activities that took place and attendees speaking about their experience.