Angelika Arkadi of AEK Athens at 13th Conference

12 June 2019

Angelika Arkadi of AEK Athens at 13th Conference

Angelika Arkadi will present the CSR work of Greek club AEK Athens at the 13th EFDN Conference in Barcelona in November. 

AEK Athens FC has planned and developed a Social Responsibility programme guided by the history of the club and supported by its fans. AEK Athens works on a broad range of initiatives focusing on employment, education, social deprivation, crime reduction, youth offending and integration of refugees.

Angelika Arkadi – AEK Athens

Angelika Arkadi is the General Director at AEK Athens. At the same time, the former UEFA Venue Director is the main contact for International Affairs. Mrs Arkadi will present AEK’s campaign which informs about the dangers for children and youth from the misuse of the internet. The club teamed up with the Cyber Security International institute to raise awareness among pupils and their parents. Together, both organisations visited several schools in Greece and hold workshops.