Shortlisted project “Improve Yourself” will be presented by Anna Pencheva (PFC Ludogorets 1945)

2 October 2021

Shortlisted project “Improve Yourself” will be presented by Anna Pencheva (PFC Ludogorets 1945)

Anna Pencheva, Marketing Director at PFC Ludogorets 1945, will be presenting their shortlisted project “Improve Yourself” at our 16th EFDN Conference in Breda on 9 & 10 November 2021. 

Anna Pencheva is a Marketing expert with many years of experience in various business organizations in Bulgaria and abroad. In her professional career, she has imposed different brands, but she has always worked towards their social commitment and responsibility. In Ludogorets, for five years now, her team and she have been working daily on various CSR projects, with which they have managed to make the club an important factor in the community and to add value to football as a social phenomenon.

Anna will be presenting on the topic of the shortlisted “Improve Yourself” project which is shortlisted for the 2021 #Morethanfootball Award. As a project based on personal development, ‘Improve Yourself’ seeks to help people better themselves using the positive impact of football and sport in general. The project is a follow-up of the #LiveFriendship project that was started two years ago to help youngsters develop better communication skills. Although that project was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new spin-off emerged with similar objectives.

It caters to all age groups and mainly focuses on social development, personality development, community initiatives, healthy lifestyle and fostering inclusive environments – all achieved through various roadmaps. This project covers not only the young generation but also adults, who can set a good example, show their knowledge, skills and help the development of children, as well as give them guidelines.

The main project objectives are:

  • Habits for a healthy way of life
  • Creating useful learning habits and having a thirst for knowledge
  • Alternative ways for being active at home
  • Contributing to more accessible online environment for students
  • Promoting charity campaigns

Some of the highlights:

  • 14-year old football talents from the Ludogorets Academy got acquanted with the methodology of Mental Arithmetic for training the mind, concentration and coordination.
  • PFC Ludogorets First team players took part in the More Than Football weeks as ambassadors promoting an active, healthy life, being a good example for young people.
  • Live actively, take care of your health – the ball is in your hands. With this message Ludogorets wanted to celebrate the day of Health and thank the Health care workers for their dedication. Watch their video here.
  • Together with the teachers from schools in Razgrad the club started the development of digital learning resources in subjects like mathematics, georgaphy and English language skills.
  • A ladies’ club ‘Ladies of Ludogorets’ has been created within PFC Ludogorets which includes all the wives and girlfriends of the players and staff as well as all female employees of the club. The mission is to share experiences and knowledge from different cultures, to help foreign players and their families as well as creating charity campaigns, mainly aimed at children in the region.
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