Benfica Foundation at 12th EFDN Conference

4 March 2019

Benfica Foundation at 12th EFDN Conference

As the 12th EFDN ‘#Morethanfootball’ Conference get’s closer, we are continuing to put a focus on the speakers and we are delights to announce Jorge Miranda of SL Benfica, who will present the Walking Football programme of SL Benfica. The presentation called ”Back to the childhood game: Walking Football – Active Ageing through Sport” will discuss how Benfica first learned about Walking Football since it was unknown in Portugal and how they have successfully implemented the programme in 2016 and 2017 with the support of EFDN and its members through the European Legends project.

”Portugal has one of the eldest populations in the world so active ageing is high on the national agenda. It was a very important step since we didn’t have a structured project for the elderly and in the area of active ageing. We have now made a very positive evaluation on the progress of Walking Football in Portugal with an effort to really disseminate it and through strategic partnerships, we have at the moment nearly 30 senior universities nationwide including the Azores playing Walking Football. We expect to share this progress as a best practice to inspire other clubs to deliver Walking Football even if it’s unknown in the country because it’s potential growth is huge.” states Jorge Miranda.

Jorge Miranda – Benfica Foundation

Jorge Miranda is the Executive Director of Benfica Foundation since 2010 and is responsible for policy design, strategic planning and general management of the organization. The Foundation delivers social development programs, based on empowering communities and participation to develop social capital and fight exclusion and poverty. One of the main targets is children and youngsters most at risk.

Jorge is also CEO and founder of Etnoideia Lda, a private company on Strategic Planning, Rural Development, Social Innovation and Creative Industries.

Formerly, Jorge was Head of Department in Education and Social Development in Amadora (Urban area in Lisbon) and was responsible for policy making, General Management of Elementary Education, Culture, Sports, Youth, Social support and integrated action, Community health assessment, Social Entrepreneurship and Immigration, NGO development and support.

Another area of responsibility was to coordinate municipal action in critical urban areas and European Funded programs and projects. Jorge is certified as URBACT lead expert, is a former Director of Urban II Amadora (EU best practice), Urbact II MILE (fast track label DG Regio), Zambujal Melhora Operational Programme of Lisbon, Generation Orchestra with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Human Rights Gold Medal Portuguese Parliament 2018), and several European Social Fund projects (EQUAL, INTI and other).