CAFE at 12th EFDN Conference

11 March 2019
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CAFE at 12th EFDN Conference

With the 12th EFDN ‘#Morethanfootball’ Conference now only 2 weeks away, we are very happy to announce Amy Wilson of the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) as a speaker. Amy will present the value of Disabled Supporters Associations (DSA).

During her breakout session, Amy will explain what a DSA is and provide key information on how to successfully create and establish a DSA at a football club. The presentation will also show the benefits of having a DSA brings to both disabled supporters and clubs. Amy will explain how CAFE supports newly established DSAs as well longer running organisations and provide an update on the Disability Access Officer (DAO) role across Europe.

In short, the 3 points Amy will focus on are:

  • What a DSA is and the benefits of having a DSA
  • Support that CAFE provides to DSAs
  • DAO overview

About CAFE:

CAFE logoCreated in 2009, CAFE is a CSR associate partner of UEFA, working with supporters, clubs and governing bodies towards one clear aim: a more accessible and inclusive matchday experience for disabled supporters across Europe. The mission of the organisation is to ensure disabled supporters across UEFA’s member associations can enjoy a football match as a problem-free experience. And, because football embraces diversity in all its forms, the organisation also works with the football family to raise disability awareness more widely throughout Europe.

CAFE estimates that at least 500,000 disabled people within the extended UEFA European region are likely to be active football supporters with many more aspiring to become match going supporters. Disabled people have the right to enjoy football, sports and all forms of entertainment in the same way as everyone else. This applies to football at all levels.

By inspiring many more disabled people to attend live matches and to get involved in local volunteering activities, CAFE aims to stimulate social inclusion, encourage interaction between citizens and contribute to intercultural learning and bring to the fore both Europe’s diversity and unity.

Amy Wilson CAFE photoAmy Wilson – CAFE

Amy Wilson is CAFE’s Fan Liaison, Access and Administration Officer. She works with disabled supporters, disabled supporters associations, clubs, national associations and governing bodies to improve access and inclusion within football, to ensure disabled people can take their rightful place across all levels of the game from grassroots to boardrooms.