Enjoy Breda – Discover local highlights

3 September 2021

Enjoy Breda – Discover local highlights

Breda is a cosy Burgundian city in the south of the Netherlands. Make sure you have some time around the EFDN Conference to visit the historical monuments dating back to the Nassau period such as the Great Church, the Begijnhof and Breda Castle. You can enjoy shopping and try a local beer in one of the many nice cafes and restaurants. Find here some local highlights.

Big Church or ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe’ Church

The 15th century Big Church or “Onze Lieve Vrouwe” Church is one of the most famous monuments that depicts a Brabant Gothic Style and is a landmark of Breda. Its impressive architecture on the exterior of the building, interior decorations and murals make this church the most important monument in Breda.

The tower of the church is 97 meters tall and the plan is in the shape of a Latin Cross. From the Church Tower, the city along with the Grand Palace can be seen. Contributing not only the astounding architecture or murals, it is also a great monument to its history and culture.

Within Prince Chapel, the ceiling is decorated with gold leaves where the ancestors of the royal family are buried.  It also bids a spectacular setting for all sorts of meetings and events, ranging from ten to a thousand people. Throughout the Netherlands this Church is known for its alluring beauty, both in it’s construction and location.

‘Grote Kerk – Big Church of Breda

Canal Boat Tour

The beautiful town of Breda can also be explored by an open-top boat tour on its canal network which is a great way to see some landmarks along the route. The boat tour shows the architecture and sights of Breda from a different angle and is a relaxation from the energy-consuming sight-seeing.

The canal system has a ring that circles the town centre and many smaller channels that flow off from it. During the boat tour, one can see water towers, Castle of Breda, Markdal meadows, the famous Spaniards hole, the Valkenberg park and other beautiful landmarks. This makes the boat tour on the Singel an adventure for the young and old.

Along the tour which lasts approximately up to 2 hours, the skipper of the boat explains the history of what happened over the years on and near the waters in Breda. Altogether, the canal boat tour is a great experience that combines the many historical sights with beautiful

Blind Walls Gallery

Breda is a city with a rich history, which was already pictured in the Middle Ages and a perfect way to get acquainted with a piece of its culture is to view the murals that are a part of Blind Walls Gallery. The city wall was almost completely demolished and in 2015 the Blind Walls Gallery was conceived to show the city in a creative and up-to-date way.

The Blind Walls Gallery is a public street art museum with a growing collection of over 80 murals made by international artists. The murals tell the story of the city and are inspired by both the past and the present which makes the experience unique.

Every painting is based on a story from Breda’s history, related to its location. The Blind Walls Gallery is an ultimate cultural experience due to its ideal alternation of lively art with a story, walking in the open air and discovering the city in real life.

Murals in Breda

Valkenberg Park

Breda’s largest central park, the Valkenberg Park connects the city’s train station and the city center behind the Breda Castle where it once served as the castle garden to the Lords of Breda until 1812. It owes its name to a falcon house that was situated on the edge of the park which was a point for falcon hunt in the past.

In the quiet city park, is a pond with a large fountain with a number of works of art. There are also remains of defense towers that were part of the former city ​​wall.

Now, the park is an ideal place for a picnic or sightseeing around the city and is a perfect place to enjoy the sun or admire the view on a terrace.  Throughout the year, activities are organized in the park frequently for a range of events such as concerts, music festivals etc

Stedelijk museum – city museum

The Stedelijk Museum is a museum for the heritage and history of the city of Breda. The permanent collection of Stedelijk Museum Breda tells the story of the city and the paintings of cityscapes show the development of Breda.

The museum originates from Breda’s Museum and the Museum of the Image (MOTI) and was opened in the spring of 2017 in the former Oudemannenhuis (‘Old Men’s House’), one of the oldest buildings in Breda where it served as a home for elderly men until 1954.

The museum shows an overview of items of the permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions that focus on artists, current themes or historical topics. However, the museum also looks at things like digital culture which makes the Stedelijk Museum in Breda interesting to all kinds of people.

The begijnhof museum

The Beguinage (“Begijnhof”) is a peaceful museum located in the heart of Breda’s city center. It was once occupied by the beguines – single women who formed a community but didn’t make any vows to the church. The last beguine, sister Frijters, passed away in 1990.

The Begijnhof Museum provides insights into the life of the beguines. It is a complex surrounded by walls consisting of houses and a small church in the center of Breda.

The 29 houses are spread over two courtyards and are grouped around a herb garden. The beguines had extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs and used many herbs in their treatments of illnesses.

Now, the houses in the Beguinage are still inhabited by single women and many traditions and customs are still maintained. Breda’s Begijnhof Museum is the oldest of the two beguines found in the Netherlands.

Begijnhof , little hidden gem in Breda