Maarten van Holstein – Feyenoord Fancoach Programme

7 October 2018

Maarten van Holstein – Feyenoord Fancoach Programme

Maarten van Holstein started his working career in Youth work and joined Feyenoord Rotterdam in 2013 as a Fancoach. After a few years as a Fancoach, Maarten became the team leader at the Supporters department and supervises 5 supporters liaison officers and a group of staff members who are responsible for all special requests from supporters. The Supporters team of Feyenoord is responsible for taking care of all the interests of the supporters of the club.


Coaching the fans in a preventive and reactive approach is the essence of this project. The aim is to create a safe and positive atmosphere In the stadium and in the community. Contacts with fans within the target group of 12-to 23-year-olds are established and maintained throughout the week to offer supporters a helping hand.

Like the city of Rotterdam, Feyenoord is also experiencing problems when it comes to aggression, drugs and alcohol. Young people are always looking for something or a group to belong to. In this project, we try to show young people that you do not necessarily have to belong to a bad group. By organising activities, establishing a relationship and letting young people feel that they are part of the club, we try to let them be part of the positive side of the club.