Joanne Tighe of Chelsea FC Foundation at 12th EFDN Conference

10 March 2019

Joanne Tighe of Chelsea FC Foundation at 12th EFDN Conference

We’re happy to introduce Joanne Tighe of Chelsea FC Foundation as a speaker at the 12th EFDN ‘#Morethanfootball’ Conference. The presentation will explain the Chelsea Champions Programme, which is a Premier League funded project that enables the Foundation to place full-time staff within secondary schools in order to increase physical activity, support leadership qualities and improve emotional wellbeing and resilience of pupils through a number of universal, targeted and individual initiatives.

Five full-time members of staff are based at five secondary schools; Chelsea Academy, Pimlico Academy, Fulham Trust Academy, Thomas Bennett Community College and Clacton Coastal Academy with the aim to increase access and support to the Chelsea FC Foundation’s core funded programmes and develop initiatives and interventions to improve and help students be able to deal with any challenges that they may face in the future. During her breakout session, Joanne will be joined by one of the Chelsea Champions and some students engaged on the programme who will share their experiences so far working with the Chelsea Champion. Also, as part of the programme Joanne will be joined by the Academy scholars to help deliver and share the work they have done with students.

Joanne Tighe – Chelsea FC

Joanne Tighe is the Senior Chelsea Champions Officer and has been working for Chelsea Foundation for 1 year. Before this, she was a PE teacher for 4 years across Surrey.

She graduated in 2012 in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University and is now studying a MSc Mental Health and Wellbeing in Education alongside managing the Chelsea Champions Programme within Chelsea FC Foundation.

Joanne is extremely passionate about the health and wellbeing of young people and strives to make a change in the education system to provide more mental health support that is effective and sustainable to positively impact the lives of all young people.