Jochen Kemmer from CAFE presents on stadium accessibility

23 October 2019

Jochen Kemmer from CAFE presents on stadium accessibility

Jochen Kemmer Disability Access Officer (DAO) Project Manager at Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) presents on “How to make a stadium accessible – services & infrastructure” at the 13th EFDN Conference in Barcelona in November.

How to make a stadium accessible – services & infrastructure

In the presentation, CAFE will give an overview of what accessible stadium means and showcase some best practices of accessible stadiums. This reaches from accessible parking, accessible signage to accessible seating options and various services for differently disabled fans (such as sensory viewing rooms, Audio Descriptive Commentary, sign language interpreter). It includes as well some suggestions regarding stadium regulations (e.g. allowing guide &assistance dogs) and stewarding to improve the match day experience of disabled fans and making stadiums really inclusive.


Jochen Kemmer – CAFE

Jochen joined CAFE in July 2017 to lead on their works in implementing the Disability Access Officer (DAO) role. In this position Jochen provides expert guidance and training to clubs, leagues and national associations to support the effective implementation of the role. He is also in regular contact with such stakeholders to facilitate the exchange of best practices, and to advise on establishing partnerships with local disability NGOs, disabled fans and their clubs. Moreover, he is managing the European DAO Network Group (a group of 30 DAOs & National DAO coordinators from across Europe) which aims to exchange good practice, whilst developing a collaborative strategy to promote and develop the DAO role at European level.


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