Malmö FF’s Karin Heri To Present At EFDN Conference

13 October 2020

Malmö FF’s Karin Heri To Present At EFDN Conference

The list of speakers for the 14th EFDN Conference, which will also be the first virtual version of the event, continues to grow. The latest addition to the impressive cast of Community and Social Responsibility (CSR) in football speakers is Karin Heri, the Head of sustainability and Malmö FF in the Community at Sweden’s professional football club.

In her role at Malmö FF, Karin leads the club’s initiatives against unemployment and racism. She has also successfully connected the club’s activities to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure the club is doing its fair share to contribute to making the world better place. Karin is additionally a seconded expert and holds a position as the national coordinator for employability at the Swedish Professional Football League, where she helps other Swedish professional clubs in their collaboration with the public employment service and municipalities. She is currently scaling the Malmö FF initiative ‘Careerday with Football’ to other clubs in the Swedish top flight as well as being project manager for a national capacity building project about social entrepreneurship and impact measurement.

Karin will speak about the “Grundskolefotboll mot rasism” programme. The initiative started as a branch of Malmö FF’s tournament “Football against racism” and has grown into a large meeting place for Malmö’s schools. The activities begins in the classrooms and ends with a large manifestation against racism at Eleda Stadium. This year marks its 10th anniversary and celebrates the 10,000 individuals that have so far participated in the concept since the start a decade ago.

The initiative is a collaboration between Malmö FF and the municipality and takes it starting point in the convention on the rights of the child and especially in the four basic principles of the Convention: decisions concerning children must be taken with the best interests of the child; children must not be discriminated; children have the right to express themselves in matters concerning them; and children have the right to life and development. By using the UNESCO democratic education perspective; learn about, learn through and learn for, it aims to take advantage of the students’ own experiences and perspectives. Between October 2020 and June 2021, over 1600 children from 30 schools in Malmö will participate in the project.

Karin has a never-ending engagement for collaboration between the public, private and third sectors. Before joining the club, she worked as a project manager at a municipality within the educational field focusing on entrepreneurial learning and collaboration between the public and private sector. Between 2005 and 2012, she was an office manager and a senior recruitment specialist with expertise in appointing executive positions in the public sector.

Karin started her career in Switzerland where she studied International Hotel Management and spent 8 years holding different executive positions within the hospitality industry.