Networking Roundtables at the 13th EFDN Conference

15 November 2019

Networking Roundtables at the 13th EFDN Conference

During the 13th EFDN Conference in Barcelona on the 19th and 20th of November, our attendees meet during two different roundtables sessions. On the first day, participants can introduce themselves and we want to create a cos environment to share knowledge and best practices. On Wednesday, the attendees have a more in-depth discussion on one specific topic. The goal is to develop ideas and write down the next steps. 

Day 1; 19th of November  

Teambuilding Roundtables: Sharing Knowledge and Experience: 
During the first session of the Teambuilding Roundtables, participants have the opportunity to introduce themselves, present their organisations as well as share their best practice programmes. This meeting aims to encourage all participants to share their experience, methodologies used, current challenges, identified improvement areas and learnings.
The main purpose of the Teambuilding Roundtables is to link like-minded practitioners and organisations with a view to broadening the participant’s perspectives, enabling the identification of ways to improve the impact of their local programmes and perhaps even create opportunities to work together and exchange information going forward.

Day 2; 20th of November

Networking Roundtables: Project development and new trends in CSR in European Football 
The second round of the Roundtables offers the attendees to have a more in-depth discussion on one specific topic. The host of the table presents the objectives and procedures of the Roundtable followed by an input of each attendee regarding the current situation and state of play in their organisation. The attendees can share best practices in the certain field of action, give an insight into organisational challenges, describe their goals for the future and present ideas for collaboration at a European level. At the end of the session, we will discuss the role of EFDN and collect ideas for future actions.

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