Andrea Kollmann and Benjamin Kirchler – Speakers at the 21st EFDN Conference

16 April 2024

Andrea Kollmann and Benjamin Kirchler – Speakers at the 21st EFDN Conference

Andrea Kollmann and Benjamin Kirchler, research coordinator and associate at the Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, are confirmed speakers at our 21st EFDN #MoreThanFootball Conference in Warsaw from the 22nd until the 24th of April 2024.

Andrea is the Principal Research Coordinator and a Key Researcher at the Energy Institute of Johannes Kepler University Linz, where she manages large-scale research projects across Europe. Her research focuses mainly on the energy decision-making processes of households, individuals and firms, and she contributes to the academic field through regular publications. Andrea’s work is not only about advancing scientific knowledge, but also about ensuring that technological advances are accessible and beneficial to society at large, thereby promoting a holistic approach to the challenges of energy sustainability and climate change.

Benjamin Kirchler is a research associate at the Energy Institute of the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz and holds a Master of Science in Economics. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien). His research primarily explores the nexus of behavioral economics, which combines insights from economics and psychology to better understand decision-making processes.

During the EFDN Conference they will hold a session on the Horizon 2020 project GREENFOOT. The topic will be the barriers and opportunities of crowdfunding in the energy transition of sports buildings.