The city of Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, capital of the southern region of Spain, Andalusia, is one of the largest cities in Spain and holds the record for the largest historic centre in Europe. Due to the many historic highlights of the city, it is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia and even Spain.

At Seville you can see many Arabic influences, narrow winding streets, beautiful green parks and breathtaking landmarks that have withstand the test of time. The city where the popular Spanish dance of “flamenco” was born, breathes art through its streets, people and architecture.

The Mudéjar architecture in Seville is a mix of decorative Islamic motifs patterning to Christian styles of architecture. After the Christians defeated the moors, which inhabited Seville for more than 600 years, they left many of the dazzling buildings intact and to some of them they gave them their own twist.

Seville has many things to offer to its visitors. From beautiful festivities, such as the “Semana Santa”, the holy week before easter, to the “Feria de Abril”, a festival week which celebrates Seville’s people and traditions. A trip to Seville would not be complete without trying its famous culinary art, “Tapas” of course.

It is also a city that lives and breathes football through its different footballing entities, such as Real Betis Balompié, our host, Sevilla FC and its glorious footballing history. Its people have witnessed Seville become an European football capital.

Below are some of the most popular tourist attractions the city has to offer.