Highlights of the second day of EFDN’s 21st #MoreThanFootball conference in Warsaw!

24 April 2024

Highlights of the second day of EFDN’s 21st #MoreThanFootball conference in Warsaw!

Today marked the second day of the 21st EFDN #MoreThanFootball Conference in Warsaw, kicking off with the Doors open & Network session. The program began with a Kick-off, followed by an EFDN Update session to keep attendees informed about the latest developments.

Community Climate Captains

One of the highlights of the day was the Panel on Climate Captains featuring Sean McCabe, Clare O’Connor, and Katie Cross, providing valuable insights into sustainability initiatives within football clubs. Attendees also engaged in Roundtables focused on Community Climate Captains, exchanging ideas and strategies to promote environmental stewardship.

Liverpool FC Foundation

The agenda included a presentation from the Liverpool FC Foundation. The LFC Foundation delivers a range of employability programmes that raise the skills, confidence and aspiration of young people across Liverpool City Region and New York. The presentation they will hold at the EFDN Conference will cover the key building blocks of a successful employability programme aimed towards 14-25 year olds including targeted recruitment, funding, partnerships, safeguarding and impact measurement. It will then cover how the Foundation embeds inclusive practices and create safe and engaging programmes through the lens of equality, diversity and inclusion.


The Greenfoot project presentation shed light on the efforts towards environmental responsibility. A well-deserved Lunch break offered participants an opportunity to network and recharge.

Bristol City Robins Foundation

Later in the day, attendees learned about the impactful work of the Bristol City Robins Foundation. With their presentation they gave us a look into how building a partnership with a local university can be leveraged to provide young people with an experiential approach to higher education, and insights on how to use sporting context and entrepreneurship to develop employability of young people.  

Legia Foundation

Presented about their ‘Everyone to the Paddles’, a flagship charity relay, they unite each year for an exhilarating rowing machine challenge rallying support for crucial causes.

Speaker Quotes

“We engaged with 120,000 participants in the Liverpool region in the 22/23 season”

Dionne Johnson -Liverpool LFC Foundation

”As a football club we can use football but we don’t always have to practice football, we can practice other sports to have impact”

Maja Gasik – Legia Foundation


The 21st EFDN #MoreThanFootball Conference concluded with a Closure session, wrapping up two days of productive discussions and inspiring presentations.