More Than Football Award 2023 Longlist: FCM Samfund – Together on the Field

21 June 2023

More Than Football Award 2023 Longlist: FCM Samfund – Together on the Field

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is proud to present the FCM Samfund Together on the Field (Sammen går vi på bannen) project, that has been selected for the longlist of the More than Football Award 2023.

“In FCM Samfund, we want to help the people in our region who are having a hard time. We want to help find and release the talent that all people possess.”

Preben Rokkjaer, Marketing and support director at FC Midtjylland

FCM Samfund, social arm of FC Midtjylland, works with young people who are often stigmatised and marginalised because of their background, ethnicity, education or social heritage. This often results in a lack of access to facilities, support or encouragement, and they therefore do not get the opportunities they need. FCM Samfund wants to change this situation and support young people to succeed in their careers and in life.

The Together on the Field (Sammen går vi på bannen) project focuses on developing, training and strengthening the candidate’s prerequisites and skills for and, to complete training as well as take on a job or education. Additionally, their social and personal qualities are also strengthened. FCM Samfund realises this project through targeted effort, with weekly joint teaching and individual support within the framework of the sports’ network, and based on the principles of talent development.


  • Finding employment or education
  • Improving health and quality of life
  • Community Building
  • Developing ways to improve sustainability

Every month, the trainers utilise data from the eight-potential parameters method to evaluate what areas the participants need help with most and where they are in the process, both on physical and psychological levels. This constant iteration process means that each participant’s needs are worked on individually, even as those needs change. This is all done to help the participant get closer to either finding employment or education. Moreover, with support from a diverse team of business mentors, companies and coaches, the importance of physical endurance, training and social commitment that is found in sports such as football is reinforced.

Part of the program is an opportunity provided to particularly dedicated participants as they progress through the program. They are taught to utilise a diverse set of skills, including mentorship and motivations. This accelerated branch of the program is where participants use what they have learned in order to represent FCM Samfund as well as utilise their talents in other aspects.