The 16th EFDN Conference can only be attended by representatives of European Football Clubs, Leagues and Football Associations.

EFDN members

EFDN is looking forward welcome the members to the first in-person conference since November 2019. As a special treat, EFDN members can request one more ticket than usually. Delegate and Exchange Members can send two representatives to Breda and request two online tickets for free. Development Members can request three tickets for attending the conference in Breda and up to three online tickets.

All members can request additional tickets for attending the event on site for 175 Euro (both days). Additional online tickets can be ordered for just 15 Euro.


Non-members (clubs, leagues and FAs) can buy a Full Delegate Pass for 375 Euro. One Day Passes (250 for Day1 /200 Euro for Day 2) are available as well. Non-members can request online tickets for just 35 Euro.

Payment methods

You can pay your tickets via bank transfer or PayPal. Please check our dedicated page here for more information.


EFDN members should request an “EFDN Member Pass”. As a Non-member, please select of the “Non-Member Passes” or “Day Passes”. Thank you. 

    All personal information provided is intended for the express purpose of organising the event and maintaining the EFDN contact database only.