21st #MoreThanFootball Conference Timeframe

16 February 2024

21st #MoreThanFootball Conference Timeframe

Behind the scenes the EFDN crew is working hard to provide you soon the full overview of the event with an exiting line-up of speakers and activities, among others EFDN’s 10 years anniversary dinner. Find here already the global timeframe so you can schedule your trip!

Monday, April 22nd

  • League & FA’s Meeting
  • 8pm Welcoming Event

Tuesday, April 23rd

  • 9.00am General Assembly
  • 10.30am Official start 21st EFDN #MoreThanFootballConference
  • EFDN 10 years anniversary dinner

Wednesday, April 24th

  • 9.30am Start 3rd Day EFDN Conference
  • 3.00pm Closure of the event