Anna Mioduska – Speaker at the 21st EFDN Conference

4 April 2024

Anna Mioduska – Speaker at the 21st EFDN Conference

Anna Mioduska, President of Legia Foundation, is a confirmed speaker at the 21st EFDN #MoreThanFootball Conference in Warsaw from the 22nd until the 24th of April 2024.

Together with her husband, Anna has owned the club for over 10 years and nine years ago, they set up the foundation, which she has been leading since then. The Legia Foundation has become an integral part of Legia’s football community. Helping others is what Legia stands for, and she cannot imagine this will ever change.

The presentation Anna Mioduska will hold, will provide a brief introduction to Legia, including the historical context of its origin and highlights of Warsaw. While discussing the Legia Foundation, it’s impossible to overlook the long history of the club itself, as well as its surrounding context. Legia is an integral part of the city, having risen like a phoenix from the ashes. Thanks to this presentation, you’ll learn about the Legia Foundation and gain insight into what daily life entails.

“For the past 9 years of our activity, we have had tens of projects, hundreds of beneficiaries… every smile of a person positively affected by our work, every, even small positive change in their life – it is impossible to decide which one was the most important, most meaningful to me.  The most important thing is that we can and are making real differences in the lives of people in need.”

Anna Mioduska, about her best CSR in Football moments