EFDN’s sustainable initiative for the 18th Conference

8 November 2022

EFDN’s sustainable initiative for the 18th Conference

It is with great pleasure that EFDN announces a new sustainable initiative for the 18th Conference held in Budapest. This initiative addresses sport’s role and potential in relation to the thirteenth Sustainable Development Goal (Climate Action). It outlines the contribution of sport to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. The action aims at informing, inspiring, encouraging and supporting sport’s contributions to the SDGs by football clubs, foundations, community trusts, football associations and leagues.

All conference attendees will be given free public transport tickets to move around during the conference days. With such tickets attendees will be able to move between their hotel, airport and different conference venues with no cost and most importantly with a lower carbon footprint.

The tickets will be distributed by EFDN and they will be courtesy of the Budapest Convention Bureau. As the conference topic is Human Rights & Sustainability, EFDN is keen on making a statement and act as a leader in the industry in relation to the imminent action that needs to be taken towards the climate crisis.

EFDN is aware that sport can encourage sustainable tourism and lifestyles as well as sustainable tourism products and services for instance in host cities of sport events. Sport can educate tourists on ways to minimise their travel footprint and promote eco-mobility for example when attending sport events. It can build capacities in tourism and engage relevant stakeholders in sustainable practices which report their impacts on the environment.