Iris de Iongh – Speaker at the 21st EFDN Conference

25 March 2024

Iris de Iongh – Speaker at the 21st EFDN Conference

Iris de Iongh, CSR manager at Excelsior Foundation, is a confirmed speaker at our 21st EFDN #MoreThanFootball Conference in Warsaw from the 22nd until the 24th of April 2024.

Iris de Iongh, now CSR manager, has been working for the Excelsior Foundation for almost eight years. Coming from a background in education, de Iongh was looking for a place where she could do something more for others. This started with a project where they focus on children’s social and emotional development and, from there Iris developed herself further and can now do this with and for an entire team.

During the conference, Iris de Iongh will hold a presentation on the development as people, projects and clubs. In the presentation she will talk about Playing for Success Excelsior, the project where Iris started. Excelsior Foundation is a development platform and De Iongh would like to explain in what way that has become visible in her, both in the project and in the club. Excelsior Foundatio is a community and that affects everyone: participants, colleagues, the club and sponsors.

“I think it is difficult to choose one story as every colleague, every day, do some very nice work. The best memories are the moments when you get to give something extra to someone who doesn’t get that easily.”

Iris de Iongh, CSR manager at Excelsior Foundation