Joan Marcet presents on the Social Media approach used by Barça Foundation

22 October 2019

Joan Marcet presents on the Social Media approach used by Barça Foundation

Joan Marcet, Social Media Strategist for the Barça Foundation presents on “The Power of Social Media” and the approach used by the foundation at the 13th EFDN Conference in Barcelona in November.

Stories that inspire communities: The Power of Social Media

The presentation will be a brief summary of the approach that the Barça Foundation uses on it’s social media channels and will include a few examples and an overview of the strategy that the foundation has been implementing for the last 2 years. This strategy has proved to be successful as the Barça Foundation managed to obtain above-average engagement rates on its content. The key points to take from the presentation are,

– Insights on how to use the brand assets in favour of the social mission,
– Defining and implementing social media strategies for sport-based social projects and
– Examples of stories from beneficiaries that work in social media.

Joan Marcet – Barça Foundation

Joan Marcet Vila, studied Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona & Business Communication and at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and has been a content creator his whole career. He is a member of the management, definition and implementation team of the 4 main social media channels which have an aggregate audience of 5.5 million users. As a Social Media strategist for the Barça Foundation, Joan will provide insights on how to engage football fans with social based content online.


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