Kindred Group at 12th EFDN Conference

13 March 2019

Kindred Group at 12th EFDN Conference

With the 12th EFDN ‘#Morethanfootball’ Conference now less than 2 weeks away, we are delighted to announce our final speaker, Britt Boeskov of Kindred Group. Britt will explain how Kindred Group aims to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to their customers and will give an overview of their overall CSR strategy.

The presentation will explain how Kindred embraces opportunities for diversity, healthy lifestyle choices, fair play and hard work and aims to make driving sustainable, long-term growth central to the Company’s overall business purpose “to transform gambling to ensure fair play, the best deal and a great experience for our players”.  Kindred always strives to ensure fair play through making sure customers enjoy gambling in a responsible and safe manner because a sustainable business means ensuring customers can sustain consumption of their products.

In 2017, Kindred launched a new holistic approach to sustainability to make sure they concentrate sustainability efforts on the areas where they can truly make a difference. The foundation of their sustainability strategy is based on the outcome from a materiality assessment conducted in early 2017, highlighting a number of business-critical topics, which will be discussed throughout this presentation.

The concept of sustainability has developed within Kindred over the last two decades, from a focus on being a good corporate citizen engaged in local charity activities to sustainability increasingly becoming an integrated part of the Group’s long-term business operations. Today, sustainability is a central part of the Kindred Group strategy and anchored in their culture and policies enabling them to secure ongoing business in an industry challenged by a constantly shifting digital economy and stricter market regulations.

Britt Boeskov Kindred Group photo

Britt Boeskov – Kindred Group

Britt Boeskov joined the Kindred Group as a Management Trainee in 2005 and joined the Group’s executive management team in 2008, first as Head of Marcom Services, then in 2009 as Chief Operations Officer, and most recently as Chief Programme Officer in 2016.

From January 2019, Britt has been working as Chief Experience Officer with a track record in leading complex strategic and transformational C-level projects, and from managing Kindred’s online and mobile gambling products.

Britt holds a Master’s degree in Management from Copenhagen Business School.