Maike van Oyen, Beau de Leeuw, Birgit Braumüller & Maike Dernbach – Speakers at the 20th EFDN Conference

2 November 2023

Maike van Oyen, Beau de Leeuw, Birgit Braumüller & Maike Dernbach – Speakers at the 20th EFDN Conference

Maike van Oyen, Beau de Leeuw, Birgit Braumüller & Maike Dernbach are confirmed speakers at our 20th EFDN ‘Making Football Matter’ Conference in Athens from the 13th until the 15th of November 2023.

During this break-out session, two partners of the consortium of the European All in & Win Erasmus Sports Project (German Sport University and John Blankenstein Foundation) will walk you through the research and the pilot programme of the EU-funded All in & Win project. You will learn what data laid the foundations for the programme itself, and get to know general findings collected in two studies. We will offer you insights into some of Europe’s best practices when it comes to stimulating inclusion and well-being among athletes and end the session by discussing how all of these learnings were translated to a sustainable and scalable strategy and step-by-step approach to creating a winning strategy for sports clubs.

Maike van Oyen – Board Member and Programme owner at the All-in Foundation

As a partner to HR, the board and other business stakeholders on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and how to address this as a business priority, she is responsible for designing inclusion and diversity programmes linked to core values and cultural frameworks of various organisations, creating operational tools to build capability including inclusive behaviours.

Beau de Leeuw – LGBT+ Expert at the John Blankenstein Foundation 

Beau de Leeuw (they/them) studied sports policy and sports management at the University of Utrecht. Throughout the years they have worked as a LGBTQ+ expert and advocate within the field of sports. In 2022 they completed their master thesis on the experiences of non cisgender athletes within Dutch grassroot sports. Working with the John Blankenstein Foundation, Beau provides both professional as well as personal insights on LGBTQ+ inclusion within sports.

Dr. Birgit Braumüller – Senior Researcher at the German Sport University Cologne

Dr. Birgit Braumüller studied sport sience and sociology at the University of Vienna and completed her PhD at the German Sport University in Cologne, where she holds a position as a senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology and Gender Studies. She was part of the well known ERASMUS+ project OUTSPORT and currently she is (co-)project manager of the research parts of three EU-funded projects: 1) ALLiance for improving LGBT+ INclusion in sports to WIN together (All in & Win), 2) Sport for all Genders and Sexualities – Tackling Sexism, Trans- and Homophobia in European Grassroots Sport (SGS) and 3) LGBTQI+ Policy and Leadership in Sport and Society (PLUSS+). She has published scientific and practical papers on the topic of LGBT+ persons in sport and is involved in the implementation of inclusive guidelines and processes in organised sports.

Maike Dernbach – Scientific Researcher at the German Sport University Cologne

Maike Dernbach studied sport science at the University of Tübingen, where she completed her Master’s degree with a thesis on the discourse on the eligibility of transgender and intersex athletes in elite sports. Since 2023, she is working as a scientific researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Gender Studies at the German Sport University in Cologne, where she is part of the “All in and Win” project on LGBT+ inclusion in football and field hockey and a project investigating racism in German elite sports, which explores experiences and perceptions regarding racism in elite sports from various perspectives.