Maja Gasik – Speaker at the 21st EFDN Conference

28 March 2024

Maja Gasik – Speaker at the 21st EFDN Conference

Maja Gasik, Project Manager at Legia Foundation, is a confirmed speaker at our 21st EFDN #MoreThanFootball Conference in Warsaw from the 22nd until the 24th of April 2024.

Maja Gasik, project manager at Legia Foundation, is a freshly graduated master student from the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. During her master degree she moved for a semester to Italy, with the goal of broaden her knowledge and learn from different point of views. Since her early teens, Maja has always been set with the goal of doing something more for society, by being active in volunteering programmes and mentoring teams in project management competitions. She gained her first experience in marketing agencies and in september 2022 Maja Gasik joined Legia Foundation as a junior project manager.

During the conference, Gasik’s “Everyone to the Paddles”, will be a flagship charity relay, proudly hosted by the Legia Foundation. Each year, Legia Foundation unite for an exhilarating rowing machine challenge, rallying support for crucial causes. The recent 6th edition spotlighted the pressing issue of children and young adult mental health. This event has evolved into a fall highlight, captivating participants and igniting positive transformation. Join Legia on the story on how they paddle towards a brighter future, one stroke at a time.

“My best and for sure unforgetablle CSR football moment has to be an AMP junior camp that we have co-organized in Warsaw this year. Seeing almost 80 children from 9 countires that has lost a limb and not given up was extreamly empowering. A moment that they will remember and I will never forget was a moment of going onto the pitch with a central cirle advertasing material just minutes before the first whistle of Legia Warsaw’s game. The reaction of stadium crowd was breathtaking and those 5 minutes gave us a true feeling that those children with our support can be later in life playing in the biggest stadiums in the world.”

Maja Gasik, about her best CSR in Football moment