Photo Gallery of 1st Day 17th EFDN Conference

11 May 2022

Photo Gallery of 1st Day 17th EFDN Conference

Representatives of European Football organisations met each other at Anfield and Goodison Park on the first Day of the 17th EFDN #Morethanfootball Conference.

The official kick-off was by EFDN Chairman of the board Ton Strooband, followed by a presentation of LFC Foundation’s CEO Matt Parish. UEFA’s Filippo Veglio had a wonderful presentation before the Roundtables sessions started with a fun game: Jenga while answering CSR-related questions.

Of course, the Breakout sessions were on the menu in Liverpool FC’s home base before all attendees walked through Stanley Park to the second wonderful venue: Everton FC’s Goodison for a welcome of Richard Kenyon on behalf of the hosts. Michael Sella gave an insight into Everton in the Community’s strategy and activities. These presentations were followed by two more Breakout sessions.

Find here the first impressions of the first day of the Conference.