Sphero’s Matt Mead At 14th EFDN Conference

13 October 2020

Sphero’s Matt Mead At 14th EFDN Conference

Matt Mead, Sphero‘s Sports Partnerships Manager, will speak at the virtual EFDN Conference in November. He will present a talk entitled ‘Fostering a passion to learn STEAM skills through football, coding and play!’ touching on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). In his talk we touch on the following questions:-

  • What is STEAM Education and why is it so important for students to develop these skills?
  • How Sphero can inspire students to learn the critical STEAM skills through meaningful, hands-on learning experiences via coding and play
  • How football clubs can engage their local community and offer an innovative community STEAM programme that support the needs of 21st century skills development for students and prepares them for the jobs of tomorrow and the technology-economy

Mead joined Sphero in early 2020 after 14 years working in professional football and social impact. He now leads the exciting new venture, a bespoke programme built to inspire and educate sports foundations, community organisations and students via sport and STEAM via hands-on, meaningful learning experiences. 

Prior to Sphero, he was an executive leader at Chelsea FC Foundation, where he used sport as a powerful platform to educate and inspire schools and communities, fostering learning and creating a passion for STEAM Education, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Business, as well as Sports Development via the power of football

Sphero Sports is a new and exciting opportunity for sports foundations, community organisations and schools to become STEAM leaders within their communities. Not only will Sphero Sports get students excited about STEAM education but it will also proactively support educators and sports foundation staff to become comfortable in learning and teaching these critical STEAM skills.

During the presentation he will go over the power of sports to champion STEAM learning, as well as how the innovative Sphero Sports coding bundle will inspire students through play and sports, and how professional sports teams are engaging schools and communities in this meaningful, hands-on learning experience!

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